Civil Service Training.

NIMS charity works in communities around the world. They are committed to being there until local people no longer need their help. What's more, local people decide which projects will give them the best chance of changing their lives for the better.




P. Gopinathan Nair reverts to Mahatma Gandhi for a solution to most problems. He attributes them to the lack of Gandhian values. P. Gopinathan Nair (84), who was awarded the Jamnalal Bajaj Award for an outstanding contribution in the field of constructive work, stressed the need to follow Gandhian principles. For someone who has followed the country's fortunes since independence, Mr. Nair finds the current situation disappointing. "Mahatma Gandhi had said that the lowest stratum of society has to be uplifted first. He said it was urgent. But until now, this has not been done. There were programmes, but the first preference was given to the development of upper class and middle class. As a result, disparity has only increased. The basic problem is not solved because it was not taken up at all."

Mismanaged democracy

Disappointed with party politics and a mismanaged democracy, Mr. Nair advocates Gram Swaraj or village self-rule, implying decentralisation.
     In India Kerala State possess the highest literacy rate. ie. 94.59 percent of people in Kerala is literate. This is a matter of pride for Keralities. But in the case of Civil Service, we do have to bow down. Only very few candidates are clearing out all the phases in the Civil Service Examination. The major reason behind this is the lack of training and guidance. Most of the time in Kerala, the youth who are having high IQ itself are not reaching Civil Service. According to a survey conducted in 2005 by Transparency International, Kerala was ranked as the least corrupt state in the country. So if the Keralities are leading the Indian Constitution, it is sure that India will become the least corrupt country in the world.

     Taking this serious issue in concern, NIMS Medicity together with Neyyattinkara Gandhimitra Mandalam came up with the idea of starting training classes for the brightest students from 8th to 12th Standard students. The Noorul Islam Educational Trust was established in the year 1984 under the Chairmanship of Dr. A.P. Majeed Khan, to impart Technical / Science / Medical Education to the Society, particularly to the rural segment of the society.

     NIMS Medicity, a unit of NI Trust is an ISO 9001-2000 certified 350 bedded hospital in Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum. NIMS Medicity nests 40 specialty departments headed by eminent doctors from the respective fields.     

    Within a span of five years NIMS had spread its fragrance around the world. Its projects like NIMS HARITHAKOM, NIMS AROGYAMELA, NIMS@HOME, NIMS Heart to Heart, etc. became successful because of the great public support and the dedication of NIMS on uplifting the society.

     On 13th July 2011, during the 90th Birthday (Navathi) Celebration of Sri. P Gopinathan Nair, the Chairman of Kendra Gandismaraka Nidhi, the training center was inaugurated. Sri. P Gopinathan Nair is an ideal patriot and a great Indian freedom fighter. As an honor of gratitude to Sri. P.Gopinathan Nair, the new sector was named as, “P Gopinathan Nair Civil Service Training Academy”. The ceremony was inaugurated by Sri. G. Karthikeyan, Speaker, Kerala Govt., in the presence of Sri. V S. Shivakumar, Devasam Transport Division Minister, Dr. Shahi Tharoor M P, Sri. O. Rajagopal and Smt. B. Sugadhakumari.

    As part of the training around students, selected from different schools and colleges can attend the Common Entrance Test. From the shortlisted candidates most efficient students are provided with intensive Civil service coaching. Students from Below Poverty Line with high academic skill will be given training freely. Innovative guidance and vibrant coaching will be the specialties of this training center. The faculty team under Dr. Shashi Tharoor will be the Civil Servants itself. Most experienced Civil Servants will be invited for sharing their experience with the young aspirants. The coaching is scheduled on all Sundays inside the NIMS Medicity premises. Along with this training, programs for encouraging patriotism, Gandianism, etc. will be promoted.

Our Mission:
  • Eliminate corruption from Indian Public Life.
  • Mould India as a model for other countries.
  • Eradication of social evils through the young civil servants.
Our Vision:
  • Corruption free India by 2016
Chairman & Patron of the Academy :  Chairman & Patron of the Academy
Chairman & Patron of the Academy : Dr Shashi Tharoor MP 
Director : Faizal Khan M.S
(Pro-chancellor-NIU, MD-NIMS)
Vice Chairmen : M.Venugopalan Thampi,
Adv S.R Thankaraj (Ex-MLA)
Adv. V.S Harindranath
Executive Board Members : Dr Harikrishnan Nair
Ayanithottam Krishnan Nair
Malayikeezh Venugopal
J.M Raheem
N Premkumar
S.K Jayakumar
Adv. B Jayachandran Nair
Advisory Board Members : T.P Sreenivasan IFS
Lalithambika IAS
Dr N Radhakrishanan, etc.
Co-Ordinators : Sanil Kulathinkal
N.K Ranjith
Anoja MS
Board Members : NAVATHY (All committee members)